How to Win at Slots Part 2

Read Part 1 first. Now we continue how to win at slots. Be sure to check out Judi Slots Terbaik. We start with tips number three.

3. Play with Higher Bet.

Everyone will try to win at minimum bet and wish to win big and maybe hit the jackpot. Well it is not wrong to have assumption like that. However only a few manage to get away with a lot cash using that system. You will need to be very lucky to win big with minimum bet. It is true that smaller bet can also get the progressive jackpot but its really hard to do.

You won’t get the bonus round by playing small. And to get the jackpot, you will need to bet on every paylines. You will only waste your money by betting one or two paylines.

Everyone can dream about winning slot and hitting jackpot with the minimum bet but it’s only a dream. The fact is you cannot be a millionaire from slots if you bet minimum on every spin. Top wins usually maxed their bets and bet on every paylines. If your winning target is small then you can bet minimum but don’t expect to be a millionaire by betting small.

 So you know that bigger bets will make your chance at winning much higher than smaller bet, but keep in mind that by betting higher bet, you will lose your capital more faster.

To play with higher bet, you will need to prepare your budget first and play with confidence. If you aim for the jackpot then keep in mind that jackpot can be very costly and expensive. By playing blindly you will only lose at the end of the game. Need a good betting and budget strategy to win at slots.

You will need to control your emotion to avoid more risks. Don’t forget that gambling can be very addictive. Without emotion control, you will only keep losing.


4. Choose your machine wisely.

Unlike other casino games, slot machines are unique. You cannot apply other strategy at slots. Observe and choose wisely before play. If a machine doesn’t pay then it will not pay. Look at the history of the game also get as many information as you can, maybe from gambling groups or other players. You should trust the info. Try playing at Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay.

Judi Slots Terbaik

5. Do Not Play at Branded Slots

Everyone love to play at branded slots. You will get the feeling of the movies and shows on every spin.  But I advice you not to play As you know, the slot developer need to pay copyright for the branded slots and it is not cheap. The houses invest a lot on branded slots and only the player can decide if the investment is worth the money or not. You play slots to win and not to pay casino’s investment.  It’s a common sense that the more expensive the machine, the toughest to beat.

Unless you have a huge capital and only play for fun, don’t play at those branded slots. It’s a sure lose.

There are some more tips to win at slots. I will continue later. Hope you enjoy it.

Continue to Part 3.

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