Why Online Slot is more profitable?

Playing online slot at this moment is very effective to raise income for the players. In this pandemic corona where everyone must stay at home and have no way to raise their income. However only  few people know this. Well slot is a gambling and of course need money to play. Most scared they will lose if they play slot during these days where money really important to survive. Since slot was invented until now, this game developed really fast with many themes and variants to play. More than hundreds even thousands of slot variants nowadays and keep developing. New games come out from time to time are proof that Slot is very and will be the most popular casino game with many casino houses providing many slots to play with.

By seeing the progress and the trend like this, some people believe that newer games have more chance to win than the old one. This kind of logic really make sense because to promote new slot variant, casino houses will give interesting promo with better graphic and the increasing odd to win in the system. With higher chances to win, it’s not hurt to try to play, right.

Why Online Slot more profitable than other games.

With the perceptions above, many Slots lover play more and more of this games. Because with the new variant, the players try to get experienced and fun, which you cannot get from other games. However you need to try all variants to get the feel and to know which slot variant is the most profitable. But where to play? You can try playing slot at Judi Slot Terbaik. At this site, you will get many bonuses and interesting promo. They also provided pragmatic slots which gives you free spin. By having free spins will give you higher chance of winning. The interesting part of playing slot is you still can get the jackpot even you bet small. So how to make money from slot? Well, if you new to slot, I strongly suggest you to know how it works first by playing a free slot games. After you get experience and know the rules, you can try to play with real money. However you need to read the rules first before playing and start with small to see if you get a good table.

Judi Slot Terbaik

Choose your table wisely before playing and set your budget. If you want to earn money while playing, choose pragmatic slots. You can buy the free spins if you have the money because free spins will help you win a lot. But keep in mind that you need to play calmly and don’t rush to win. Make your winning or losing target and stop after you reach the target. That’s why you can minimize your loss if losing. Start the game small and raise it step by step, don’t play big at the start unless you have a big capital. Remember to play smartly because you play to earn money and not for fun. Good Luck and Happy Playing. Try Judi Slots Terpercaya Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay.

Playing Online Slots.

Slot is one of the oldest games in Casino. Everyone love to play Slot until now. Many Online Gambling Houses offer Slot as one of their games with various themes. They even offer branded themes such as Game of Throne, Simpsons, Looney Tunes, etc to attract players to play. This game offer many benefit in one game.

The first slot machine only has three symbols which are diamond, heart and sword. This game quickly attracted and loved by players at that time. In the 80’s internet was introduced to the world and many programmers started to make online casino with slot as one of their game. Online Casino became popular very fast because many people want to play at Casino but they couldn’t.

 If you are new to Slot, I suggest you to playing a free slot games first. This will help you to know how slot works and to make you familiar with the game. Unless you have a big capital, slot is not just bet and spin. Also read Tips and Trick Playing Slot.

Judi Slot Terpercaya

• Set a Daily Playing Limit.

Set your playing limit. Whether you win or lose, stop playing if you reach your daily limit. You can play again the next day. This takes effort to follow. Because in reality, when you are playing, it’s hard to stop before all the capital gone. So you will need to discipline yourself before playing. Don’t play if you think you unable to stop.

• Enjoying the game.

Find a mood before playing. This also important and many player ignoring this, If you have a bad mood or only playing because you want to make money then don’t play. You will sure lose if forcing yourself to play. To win, we need a calm and relax. No emotion and enjoying the game. Build your mood first before playing.

• Choose your table wisely.

At online casino, it’s harder to choose the table So you will need to test some machine to know if it is a winning machine or not. If you want to win with small bet then choose the table accordingly. Don’t force your luck playing at a high bet table. Small bet can also get the jackpot. And better to win little by little while waiting for a chance to get jackpot. And don’t play at branded theme slot because branded slots have a high difficulty to win.

• Be Patienec

This slot game is a pure luck game. So don’t confuse if you cannot win in an instant. Be patience and keep playing to observe the game while waiting for a winning streak to come. You cannot force your luck to come, luck will come slowly but sure so be patience. If you interested with slot and want to try your luck, you can register at Judi Slot Terpercaya and make an account there. After that you can try to play. Don’t play at some random sites. Make sure that it’s a trustworthy and secure site. Just remember to read the rules first before playing to know which are the winning symbols.  Play at Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay

Winning Slot Without Spending Money

Is it possible to win slot without spending your own money? That’s a question asked by many people. Slot Machines is a favorite games at Online and Offline Casinos. Slot Machine was invented and known since 1897. The inventor was Charles Augustus Fey. The slot was called Liberty Bell. This machine then became very popular at that moment. The slot machine was accepted by many gamblers positively. Slot machine progressed really fast and spread throughout the world. Slot keep evolving with new theme introduced. Right now everyone can play slots anywhere they like with their own gadget or pc without even going to casino. You can find free slot games for free and you should play this if you are new to slot. So you can practice first before playing for real money.

Why you should play slot? Here are some slot advantages you should know :

  1. Very Easy to play..You only need to know which symbol trigger the free spin and which symbols give you high reward.
  2. Many Slot variant to play. You can play slots with your favorite themes. But keep in mind, branded themes tend to give smaller prizes and hard to win.
  3. Small Bet. Slots have the smallest minimum bet than other casino games.
  4. Big Jackpot. Slots have the biggest progressive jackpot than any other games.
  5. Bonus and Free Spin. Slots are the only casino games that give many bonuses and free spin.

So how to win slot without using own money? Every casino offer a referral bonus. So before you can play, refer your link to your friends and others. Get as many referral as you can so you will have enough budget before playing by your own. Search the internet first to know which the best Online Casino before you register. This is important because only Judi Slots Terbaik will give you an ease of feeling and a guarantee you will get your referral bonuses.

After you find which site you trust, you can register and you will get your unique referral link. You might want to change the link with shorten url to make sure everyone register with your referral code. After you feel you have enough budget, start playing and you can enjoy the benefits.

Also read How to win at Slot.

Because you have a tight budget to start with, choose the slot from Pragmatic. Slots from Pragmatic  have the option to buy a free spin with a certain amount of money. So start small and try to raise your capital little by little until you reach the right amount, This is important and the key to your winning. A good slot machine will offer you free spins several times but to play at the right slot is really difficult so that’s why Pragmatic Slot is the best option to play. After you have raise your capital, buy the free spin and start winning.

Pragmatic Slot

The important thing when playing slot is you have to stay calm and relax, This will help you build your capital and earn your winning. Just remember, play at Pragmatic Slots and not at some branded theme slots. The Casino pays a lot of money for the copyright so they might want to get the money back from you. Don’t let them. We play to win at Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay

Playing Slots at Online Casino

Choosing an online casino for playing slots is not easy. You cannot play slots at some random site because it will effect your game play and style. Most important thing is it will effect your winning. If money is involve, you will want to choose carefully. Because when you start to play, the role of a good site is very important as a media to earn money. A secure gambling site will give you security and comfortable. The felling will make you play with ease. So choose Situs Judi Slot Terbaik before playing.

A secure casino site will have many criteria that gives its player many benefit. The most important thing for a player to do before playing is to choose a right and responsible services on their website. Each house has its own terms and condition for their services so player need to read and understand them first before playing.

A secure and trusty online casino has several criteria that can be seen by the players. Here a few of those criteria for a good and best only casino :

Judi Slots Terbaik


A secure casino definitely has a license and its own official certificate that can be use to confirm that the services they owned is secure. Even an agent of the big house has its own security and certificate to guard it’s members data.

A Complete Services.

A good gambling site must have a full and complete services. A full and complete services means the house needs to has support from most common banks so their players can do the deposit and withdraw fast and easy. A twenty four hours good customer services. All of these can make the players play with ease and comfort.

 Security Warranty.

The most important part of a good online casino is security to prevent data hack and a system hack. Most of good houses install several security and firewall to make sure that no one can hack their systems. They will also prevent players from cheating. This securities are a must because players save their private data and bank account number in the websites.

 Fast Deposits and Withdrawals.

A good casino website has a good deposits and withdrawals system. Whenever a player request a deposit or a withdrawal, the house will process them really fast within minutes. This way, a player can get their winning almost instant.

If you play at some random casino website.

If you too lazy to check which are the good website and which are not, and just play at some random casino, you will get many losses even before you play. Usually these websites will process your deposit real fast but when you ask for a withdraw, it will takes hours, days, even weeks. The worst part is they ban your account and you can say goodbye to your money and put a waste on your playing effort. Also your personal data can be easily hacked. This is the worst risk you will get by playing at some random slot websites. Play at Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay

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How to Win at Slots Part 3

Howdy !!! Read Part 1 first. Let’s continue to the next steps on winning at Judi Slots Terbaik.

6. Free Spins

Everyone love free spins. In fact, Free Spins are the key to your victory. Free spins will triggered if certain symbols align in the payline. You need  to read the rule or help section to know which symbols will trigger free spins. A good slot machine will offer you free spins after several spins. If you don’t get the free spins after fifteen or twenty spins, leave it and change to another machine.

Judi Slot Terbaik

7. Should you push the button to stop the spin?

Many people said that it better to stop the spin by pushing the button again .

There are two types of slot players. The one will play by letting their slot to go on auto so the slot will spin and stop automatically. They only wait and see the outcome. And the other one will try to push the button to stop the spinning at the right time. This may works on offline slot. However on online slot, these will not effect the result. But some of the second type players still believe by pushing the space bar or the mouse will get better result than to let the slot stop automatically. They do believe that you can stop the spin and can control the outcome if you push as soon as you see the winning combination. Well it does make sense in theory. Some of the online slots do stop when you push the button while spinning

It might works for older type of slot machines or offline slot machines. This trick will not work on online slot. Why? Because by stopping the slot machine while spinning, you will reduce the “Time of Spin” and may trigger loss instead of win.. By doing this, you will only make the game more faster and might miss the free spins bonus.

The first step to beat the slot machines is stop looking for the easiest and simple way how to beat a casino. You can’t. There are no hacks on casino system. Not on Google. To win at slot, you need luck, discipline and a good strategic gameplay.

To raise your odds on winning at Slots, you will need to choose a high payouts Slots. When choosing which slots, you will need to observe the volatility level of the slots. And don’t forget about the highest return ratio of the slots. Look for a machine that offer you free spins every twenty or at least thirty spins.  

Well all of these might not be enough to know which is the winning slot every time you play but these will give you insight on how to pick a good slots machine so you can win more often. Before playing slots, you will need to relax and play with good mood. Don’t play if you are not feeling well or in a bad mood. This will make lady luck won’t come to you. Enjoy the play and you will find yourself on a winning streak. You can also win without even spending money. Happy playing at Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay and good luck.

How to Win at Slots Part 2

Read Part 1 first. Now we continue how to win at slots. Be sure to check out Judi Slots Terbaik. We start with tips number three.

3. Play with Higher Bet.

Everyone will try to win at minimum bet and wish to win big and maybe hit the jackpot. Well it is not wrong to have assumption like that. However only a few manage to get away with a lot cash using that system. You will need to be very lucky to win big with minimum bet. It is true that smaller bet can also get the progressive jackpot but its really hard to do.

You won’t get the bonus round by playing small. And to get the jackpot, you will need to bet on every paylines. You will only waste your money by betting one or two paylines.

Everyone can dream about winning slot and hitting jackpot with the minimum bet but it’s only a dream. The fact is you cannot be a millionaire from slots if you bet minimum on every spin. Top wins usually maxed their bets and bet on every paylines. If your winning target is small then you can bet minimum but don’t expect to be a millionaire by betting small.

 So you know that bigger bets will make your chance at winning much higher than smaller bet, but keep in mind that by betting higher bet, you will lose your capital more faster.

To play with higher bet, you will need to prepare your budget first and play with confidence. If you aim for the jackpot then keep in mind that jackpot can be very costly and expensive. By playing blindly you will only lose at the end of the game. Need a good betting and budget strategy to win at slots.

You will need to control your emotion to avoid more risks. Don’t forget that gambling can be very addictive. Without emotion control, you will only keep losing.


4. Choose your machine wisely.

Unlike other casino games, slot machines are unique. You cannot apply other strategy at slots. Observe and choose wisely before play. If a machine doesn’t pay then it will not pay. Look at the history of the game also get as many information as you can, maybe from gambling groups or other players. You should trust the info. Try playing at Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay.

Judi Slots Terbaik

5. Do Not Play at Branded Slots

Everyone love to play at branded slots. You will get the feeling of the movies and shows on every spin.  But I advice you not to play As you know, the slot developer need to pay copyright for the branded slots and it is not cheap. The houses invest a lot on branded slots and only the player can decide if the investment is worth the money or not. You play slots to win and not to pay casino’s investment.  It’s a common sense that the more expensive the machine, the toughest to beat.

Unless you have a huge capital and only play for fun, don’t play at those branded slots. It’s a sure lose.

There are some more tips to win at slots. I will continue later. Hope you enjoy it.

Continue to Part 3.

How to Win at Slots

Slot machines are a common game in Online Casino nowadays. The game looks simple and easy but in reality, it quite hard and some will find it abit boring with the repetition of spinning and betting. If you are new to slots, try to play a free slots first to know how it works and once you familiar with the game, you can play with real money. Keep in mind that playing with real money is much more different burden than playing for free. So making you familiar to the game is most important. This is crucial so don’t skip this part.

Here some tips to increase your winning chance at Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay

Judi Slots Terbaik
  1.  Choose the Slots with highest payouts.

Most beginners think that all slots are all the same with different symbol and images. Well that’s wrong. To win, you will need to play at a machines with better or higher payout. Before playing slots, you need to know about the RTP percentage or Return to Player first.

By choosing a high RTP machine, you will improve your chances at winning. Before playing, try to check the RTP first, usually it’s under setting or the help section.

Slot machines’RTP usually between ninety two until ninety seven percent.

  • Discover the Slot’s Volatility.

Many Online Casino refer this volatility as a variance or you can call it as the risk level. This variance will determines your winning at slots.

Low Volatility means your winning chances are high and easier to win when you spin. But low variance means small wins. So sometimes its not worth the time to play at a low volatility slots unless you only want to kill times or win small.

High Volatility means higher payouts but the chance of winnings are smaller. With the right budget, strategy, mindset and tricks, you will get a bigger rewards than the low volatility ones.

Usually a casino will offer you a welcome bonus so use them before you play with real money. That ways you will learn the variance of the slots if you play long enough.. If you low on budget, then the low volatility is a better option.

High variance pays better but riskier. Plan your budget carefully before playing and keep in minds that high volatility slots need a lot of patience and determination before you can hit a lucky spin.

To know which slots are high volatility or low volatility is simple. If your get small winning often then it’s a low variance slots. If your winnings are significant but rare then it’s a high variance slots.

Make a good use your free spin to discover the volatility of the slots while playing. This will help you to understand to win the games. A frequent free spins are crucial to your slots winning.

There are more tips and tricks to win at slots, I will post them later in another article. Don’t forget that the key to winning at slots is patience, determination and budget. You can find many good Slots at Judi Slots Terpercaya. See you around.

Read also part 2.

Tips and Tricks Playing Slot Machines.

Every Casino, offline or online, definitely have this slot games. This game is very interesting and simple, players only out their bet and spin. However, the truth is slot is not that easy and simple to play, unless player has a big budget to start with. Many then get bored and dislike this game because they find this game is boring and waste of money, yet its not like that. The win from slot is pretty big and slot has its main reward which called Jackpot that can be a value of hundred million Rupiahs in total. Try playing at Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay

Few tips to win in Slots.

The most important is to understand how it’s works. Read the rules first before spinning. Don’t rush to play, understanding the rules and the rewards are the key to success.

For newbie player, better start with free slot game first to get the experience and the feel of the game. After that then you can start with the real slots. Try playing at Judi Slot Terpercaya.

Many players try to keep up whales players’ style which is by betting maximum every spin, hoping that they will lucky and get the jackpot. This is a big mistakes and should not be played by small and medium budget’s players. Combine and mix the bet every spin. Don’t hesitate to raise or to reduce the bet. Minimum bet can also has the chance to win the jackpot.

Don’t hesitate to change seat or machines if the reward is bad. Every slot machines had been programmed when they will give out the rewards and jackpot. So don’t try to force the machine to give out the jackpot. They won’t do that.

Make your budget before playing and stick to it. Don’t raise the budget if you lost. Try agin the next day. Because if you try to force your luck then it will only end in a loss.

Choose the unpopular machine. In Online Slots, this might be confusing. Try to look for a new promoted slots or a new themed slots. Because the owner definitely want to make the new machine popular so the reward is more frequent thatn the old slots.

Set your convenient time before playing. This is very important. Because this will affect player’s concentration and convenience while playing. Find your spare time and how long you will play. If the time limt was reached then stop playing no matter win or lose. Try again the next day. Because luck is different each days.

Choose the slot machines with biggest jackpot. Because if the jackpot already too big then it has to be out. The House will suffer a big loss if they keep the jackpot too big.

Start with a small bet first to know how the machine works and how to get the reward. Each slot has their own reward interval. After knowing the interval then try to raise the bet little by little.

The most important this is to play at   Judi Slots Terpercaya. Find some information first before playing. Because all good tips and tricks will not work out if playing in some random sites.

Prepare yourself before playing. Try to relax and prepare some snacks and drinks. Because slots are different from other games, slot might looks like a relax game and can be boring because of the repentance. Player has to maintain its concentration during the game. The most important thing is try to hold the emotion. Lady Luck doesn’t like high tempered players.

Lady Luck in Slots

Slot Machines are identical with Casino and all Casinos offline or online, they have this game. Slot machines are a game that use RNG system (randomizer number maker). To play this game very easy. Player only need to pick some of the lines and then place the bet. Then player will press the spin and the machine will roll randomly and automatically.

Nowadays many slot machines can be played online at Situs Judi Slots Terpercaya. Many selection of slot machines can be choose at the site. Every machine has its own theme such as God of Fortune theme, anime, animals and many others. The difference is only the total of bars that can be played on each slot. Before playing, one better to know the terms in slot machines.

Columns and raws in the slot machines. In slot usually has three and five spined slots. Each machine will use different symbol based on its own theme. There also machine that use numbers as a them and not symbol, they available for old players that already familiar with numbers slot

Payline is a line of symbols which will shows after a spin. The more paylines, the more money you will bet.

 Progressive Jackpot was counted from total bet on slot machines. The percentage from total incoming bet will raise the Jackpot  until it has a winner. Progressive Jackpot can be value until Hundred Millions Rupiah or even Billions.

Scatters is a player winning prediction in a slot machine without any symbol in a payline.

Wild is a unique symbol that can be replace with other symbols to make a winning in a payline.

If a player win a payline then the player will be offered a double which means the player will bet the winning in the next round. This feature can make a player to have a big win or a total loss. However the winning prize is much more bigger. But then again if unlucky then it will be a total loss.

To get the Progressive Jackpot then a player has to play the maximum bet which of course will get  bigger prize besides the Progressive Jackpot.

Before playing, a player has to make a game budget and the duration of the play. And most important is choose the machine smartly. In playing slots, player has to be relax and in good mood. Because in slot games really need patience and the presence of Lady Luck to win big or to get the Progressive Jackpot. If the Lady Luck refuse to come then a player still can win with note in good mood and not emotional. This slot games really need a patience and strong determination to stop if over budget or over the play duration.

Although many don’t like this slot machines because was considered boring, but for some players, this machines really tempting with its Progressive Jackpot so many player try their luck in this slot machines. Imagine if suddenly Lady Luck come while playing, you will get the Hundred Millions Jackpot in a instant, this cannot happen with other casino games. Try your luck at Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay. Here is some Tips and Trick to Win Slots.

Tips and Trick Win at Live Casino Online

In the middle of Corona Pandemic and the stay at home campaign in most countries make many of us have to stay at home and bore because nothing to do. Many ways to get productive at home like business online, working online or even playing online. In this millennium era, playing online can also earns you money, like this site , Situs Live Casino Terpercaya . They have many games to be chosen however before playing, better to read and understand the rules and how to play because if not then you will only get stressed out and also lose your money.

Roulette is a favorite all time game. There are 2 types of Roulette which is Europe System with one zero and American with two zeros. Fortunately this site is using Europe system whereas the chance of winning is higher than American System. There are lots of tips and tricks on the net on how to win in Roulette however most of them are not valid anymore even you have a huge capital to start because all the articles are only copy paste from one site to another.

Martingale Strategy already been discussed by many people and the strategy only valid for short play and not long play. Because all Houses Casino already updated their system to prevent this strategy in action. To win using this strategy, one must have patience and enough capital for 5 turns and only can be use for other games and not numbers like red/black, big/small, odd/even, etc. Player need to be patience and observe the game while waiting for the right moments before using this strategy. This strategy only valid if the results is same number or color more than 7 times in a row like Red 8 times and then break the patterns to black on the 9th turn. If this happen, player can start using the strategy by betting black for 5 times in a row because within 5 turns, black should be in the result again. However if black already out in the first bet then you can bet on red for 5 times. If you get the result you want, stop and observe the game again. This strategy works well for patience players with good emotion control. However many of us didn’t have that patience and then lost in the end.

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Other interesting game is BlackJack. Everyone knows this game. This 21 card game is very popular among friends or casino. Playing Blackjack in Live Casino is very interesting because most of them have rules that the minimum points for the dealers to hold is 16, if below that points then dealer have to add another card. If you want to play Blackjack, wisely choose the table with players and not a vacant table. Choose the middle seat or the last seat because by doing this, you can observe and predict the card you will get before continuing with the game. If the dealer has small cards and the deck is small, you can raise or double your bet. However if the dealer has high cards then better play safety and just call or fold to prevent big loss.

Playing in Live Casino Terbaik to gain profit is easy but need observation and incredible patience also emotion control. The most important thing before getting start is set your winning or losing fund. Plan your budget well, don’t bet more than you can afford. 100% loss if you broke the above rules. All above are easy theoretically however really hard for the implication. Everyone can win in Live Casino because the system use is quite fair. So all back to player’s emotion control and financial while playing. Try Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa, OVO, Gopay. Good Luck.